Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Name: Julianna Cain
Age: 23
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Zodiac: Taurus
Measurements: 34D-26-39
Twitter: @MzJuJu58
Booking Info:

1. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
- I would love to own my own PR firm

2. Would you ever consider being celibate?
- Yes but not like forever just until I found someone worthy

3. Name 3 things that you think make you desirable.
My personality (cliche I know), my independence, and my desire to succeed

4. What are your long term goals?
- One was to graduate college which I have accomplished now I am trying to get a career that makes me happy and puts that little piece of paper to use.

5. What do you feel about eye contact when speaking to another person?
- I think it is very important. It shows that you are listening and their interest in what you are talking about.

6. If something is bothering you, how long will it take you to bring it up?
- I probably won't say anything to anyone unless it has to do with them. Other than that I like to solve my problems on my own which can be a lot more helpful than asking people for their advice which normally ends up being opinions

7. If you had to choose, would you rather be rich or famous?
Rich because I like to be low-key a lot of the time plus I would love to have the ability to help out my family and donate to more charities. Besides being able to jump on a plane to whereever and whenever seems like a fine idea to me.

8. Were you considered popular in high school? Why or why not?
Yes but I was like nerdy popular. I hung out with everybody not just one click. One of my friends back in high school wrote in my senior year book, "Thanks Julianna for being the hot girl that still talked to use nerdy guys". I will never forget that little quote... that stays true to this day. I hang out with such a variety of people.

9. What's your favorite part of sex?
- The end when your just laying there thinking about what just happend like "Damn" LOL.

10. What one word would describe the most pleasurable night you've had?
- Remarkable

11. Do you believe men or women are more romantic?
- I believe women are just because we have those little wants that can be fulfilled by the smallest things. Besides romance doesn't have to be about an expensive candlelite dinner it can be buying a single rose or my favorite candy at the store for an unplanned movie night.

12. Is it possible to have a best friend of the opposite sex?
- Yes I believe so. I know I have one and if I am dating a guy I would let him know. In that instance the best friend does have to realize boundaries and if they are a true friend they understand that.

13. What's the difference between attractive and sexy?
- See to me not all attractive people are sexy. Being attractive is based on looks and what your preferances to what "good looks" are. Being sexy is like a vibe/feeling not tight clothes and lots of skin. Even someone who may not be attractive to you can feel sexy. Now having sex appeal is a whole other thing.

14. When you’re on a date, do you think the man should pay or not?
- If it is your first couple of dates yes. Personally I know when I start really vibing with someone, if I invite I will try and pay unless they insist. I am a little old fashioned when it comes to the whole courting situation, but still try to be a little modern with it.

15. Would you rather be good looking or rich?

- Good looking because it is a known fact that good looking people get further in this world. It's sad but true. Besides I would rather be good looking and have great self-esteem than ugly and feel people are only around for the money.

16. Would you rather have the power to be invisible or the power to read minds?
Invisible because then I could sneak up on people and listen to conversations that they have with other people which could get me to find out what their thinking.

17. What's the biggest turn off in a man?
Over-aggresiveness. Ok I know your into me but don't push it. It gets annoying and a very major turn-off to where I won't even want to be your friend.

18. If asked would you consider doing a 3some for the man you love?
- Absolutly not. I don't like sharing expecially in that intimate of a situation. It would be like that episode of Sex in the City where Samantha tries it for his birthday and she ends up kicking the girl out of the bed. LOL.

19. What kind of man would your parents like to see you with?
- Someone with a drive and determination like mine.

20. Would you stop dating a man if all of your girlfriends hated him?
- There would obviously have to be reasoning behind it so most likely yes.

Hope you guys learned a little about me and that it was more interesting than the normal "what do you like in a guy" or "your favorite color" questions. Thanks BlockDymez Magazine for giving me the oppurtunity to come and share a little about me. Let's Make 2010 a great year!

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