Sunday, February 14, 2010


Name: Kamell Atkinson
Age: 25
Location: Los Angeles
Zodiac: aquarius
Measurements: 36D-26-41
Booking Info:

1. How often do you really go out? Literally about once or twice a month.

2. When dating someone do you need to know anything about their past? No, I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. But if it's something that is traumatic that could affect our relationship, I'd appreciate the person to tell me.

3. Do you feel like you have a calling or a purpose in your life? Yes, I know I do. Modeling is one of them.

4. Would you rather have a great friend you could share everything with or a great lover you can’t really talk to? I'd rather have a great friend, they always make the best lovers to me. So I guess I GET BOTH.

5. Is the male or female body the closest to perfection? I believe the female body is, because it can go through so many transformations, and still look sexy!

6. Is it possible for full-figured women to be equally attractive as thinner women? Yes it is, I'm not that thin myself, but I do take care of myself.

7. You've just met someone incredible while out with friends, you cough up a phone number. How soon should he call? Either that night, or the next day. If he waits too long I might forget who he is, I meet so many people and it's hard to remember everyone.

8. What looks sexy on a woman or a man? I love a man in boxer briefs, yummy!

9. What is the one thing about yourself that you would like me to know?
I can be really silly at times, I love to joke around!

10. What do you think is the most important value in a relationship? Trust, if u don't have trust it'll never work.

11. What is your most treasured possession and why? A sweater my great great grandmother knitted for me. She passed when I was a child, and it's the only thing I have left from her, it means alot to me.

12. What do you think is the biggest mistake that men/women make in their relationships? They reveal to much of themselves in the beginning, you need to pace yourself, that might scare someone away.

13. What scares you the most about opening your heart to your partner? Getting rejected and/or hurt.

14. What is the most annoying thing that someone could do to you?
Make me a promise that they know they can't keep.

15. What is the one, single food that you would never give up? Mexican food, I eat it everyday, I'm hooked.

16. If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be? I wish I spent more time with my father, he lived in another state, so I really didn't spend time with him till I was an adult.

17. If you were guaranteed honest responses to any three questions you could ask a man, what would you ask? What's the size of your penis? How many sex partners have you had? How many children do u have?

18. Does modeling make you feel sexy? Yes, it does.

19. Do men treat you disrespectfully when they find out what you do for a living? No, because I carry myself like a lady. I'm about my business, and I do other things outside of modeling, so I make money other ways, and I don't depend on one thing. They actually respect my ambition alot!

20. What would a man have to do to get you to go on a second date?
He'd have to respect me on the first one.

I'd like everyone to know that I appreciate all the support that I've received this past year. Please add me on these sites to be updated on my projects.

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