Saturday, February 5, 2011


Name: Elke The Stallion
Age: 26
Location: Hollywood, CA
Zodiac: arie
Sexual Orientation: straight
Relationship Status: single
Measurements: 38/28/48
Booking Info:

I am Elke The Stallion one of the top Urban Models to date. I have been working in this biz for the past 6 years and can say that I am extreemly successful and one of the few paid models that have taking her career to the next level and now managing other girls as well as my own career. I have come all the way from Germany and established myself in this business with videos by Outkast, 50 Cent, Eminem as well as Magazines such as Smooth, Smooth Girl, Straight Stuntin, Sweets, Craze and many many more not to mention endless online features. I am a pioneer as being the first caucasion model to be this successful in the Urban Market.

1. What is the best part about being "Elke the Stallion"?

The best part about being "Elke the Stallion" is to have established myself to a point where my Brand is recognized and respected.

2. Has it been easier to manage models rather than actually being a model?

No, it has not been easier to manage other models compared to managing myself. Because I am a go-getta, I dont prograstinate and get stuff done very fast. So if you manage other people that dont have the same drive as yourself and operate different it can get frustrated because I am perfectionist and wish that everybody would work the way I do. That would make my life easier.

3. Do men expect more out of you sexually because of your status?

Not so much. I think that men rather try to impress me about how well they perform in the bedroom. So I can kinda sit back, relax and let them take control.

4. What kind of stigmas have been placed on you?

Arrogant, fake, dumb. All completely normal, people like to believe in the negative before they believe in the positive, sad to say.

5. What do you think about a man with raggedy shoes?

HELL NAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. What advice can you give a man about approaching you?

Be confident and come from the heart. Leave the pick up lines at home. Be respectful and witty.

7. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest) how would you rate your sex drive?

About a 7. I love sex, but I can go weeks or months without it. Its not what drives me in life.

8. Have you considered acting?

Have done a few project on TV and even a movie. So its def something that is fun to do, but its not my main interest.

9. What won't you do in a music video?

I would never do nude. Unless its implied in a like a sexy love scene aka Tyrese "Signs" when the ladies where under the sheets with him. That was hot.

10. What is your biggest source of income?

I would say hosting events. But overall my modeling career has def been blessing my wallet.

11. Name one modeling myth.

12. If your daughter told you she wanted to model what would you say?

Sure, why not. She is def beautiful enough to do it.

13. How much has the modeling industry changed in the past 5 years?

Oh lord, where to start? When I began my career there was not that many of us. Its was just a few making the real money. I am talking about $1200 - $2500 for a lead in a video. Having curves and a booty was a plus, but it wasnt the main thing. But girls thought thats all it took, so every girl with a little bit of ass thought they could be models and with myspace and facebook, EVERY bathroom-model thought they had a career. Next thing you know girls working for free, bringing down the value of us girls and nobody was getting paid big bucks anymore. I was smart starting my website right away, establishing myself and setting my asking price. So thank God this whole Epidemic of wanna-be models hasnt effected me.

14. What's next for the "Stallion Models"?

Stallion Models is a working progress, I will have some castings to find new talent. And it will be a theral search, because looks is not all I am looking for. I need driven girls that put as much effort into this as myself.

15. What's your favorite men's magazine?

I still enjoy Black Mens magazine and my new favorite is CRAZE magazine that I was blessed enough to have been on the cover of their 2nd issue following Buffy The Body. I think they have a great future ahead of them. Show Magazine def has alot of girls to look at every issue they drop, like the photography and final touches.

16. Do you feel like you live a dual life one for the entertainment industry and one for "9 to 5"?

I dont have 9-5. My life is non-stop. I mean now for example, it is sunday morning 9.33 am and I am doing this interview. So you see, there is no time and date normal for me. I sometimes work till late at night depending on what I have going on.

17. Do you have more respect for a wife that knows her husband is cheating and stays or a mistress who sleeps with someone else's husband?

"Till death do us part" yeah, maybe, but cheating to me is death of the relationship. I think a woman that stays with her cheating husband lost her self respect. Other then that I do not believe that there is many men out there that dont cheat, I think most of them do. If you realize that and understand then maybe you can be very happy in life and not drive yourself crazy. As far as being a mistress, the man is obviously married so you will never be the main woman, with that in mind he should compensate for that, treat you nice, buy you gifts etc.
18. Do you feel more comfortable single or in a relationship?

I like to be single cause I m a control freak. I like things my way. So if I end up with somebody they will need to be able to let go and let me do my things the way I like them done, except in the bedroom, a man can take all the control there.

19. Do you have a probationary period before having sex with a man?

No. I go with the flow.

20. Do you think when you have sex with a man determines the course of the relationship?

Yes, If i dont plan on being in a relationship with that particular man I usually just have fun and maybe just a one-night stand. But if I like somebody and might want to try something serious I hold off for a while. Get to know the person.

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