Friday, February 12, 2010


Name: Angel Medina
Age: 22
Location: Greensboro, NC

1. What was your reasons for getting into modeling?I started modeling with the Cliche Modeling Troupe, an organization at my college my sophomore year. I've always loved to perform and modeling was something I had not tried yet. Through doing fashion shows I started to network with photographers and other people in the industry.

2. Who are your biggest influences? My family and friends always keep me grounded. They all have many different personalities and qualities that I can learn from and I am greatful for that.

3. What are your goals for your modeling career? I enjoy trying different things, so I would love the opportunity to work with different photographers with new ideas, and I always enjoy doing runway shows. Making it to the magazines and television would be great. I also love meeting people that have more experience than me, so I can learn from them.

4. IF you can change anything about the way models are viewed and used what would it be? A lot of things that people may not understand is that modeling is an art. There are many different types of industries within modeling; high fashion, glamour, commercial, etc. The glamour industry gets the most criticism. Being that majority of my work is glamour, I view things differently than from those looking in from the outside. It is self expression. In high fashion the concept is the clothing, commercial is selling a product, and glamour is about sex appeal. One isn't better than the other, it's just a model's preference.

5. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now with your career? I see myself being more widely known, and working with the best.

6. How does your mate feel about you modeling? I'm single.

7. Do you feel like models should be paid to shoot or that models should pay their photographers? It depends on the quality of work. If you feel someone can improve your port than you should be willing to invest your money. If you feel you are improving someone else's work than you should be getting paid.

8. Growing up what did you want to be? I always loved sports so I felt that would be what I excelled in.

9. What are your fears? Failure

10. Do you think being with a celebrity romantically will help your career? Not at all. I want to be successful on my own, without the help of anyone. You get much more respect when you earn it.

11 Do you think and feel black models get a bad reputation in the industry? Media only portrays the black models that are in the glamour industry, and of course since that gets such a negative reputation, people make assumptions from it. There are many black models in all different industries, but people are attracted to hearing the negative. Thus people relate black models to only being glamour models, and that's where the bad reputation comes from.

12. How do your parents feel about you modelng? They have always supported it.
13. What are your pet peeves? I cannot stand liars, people that pitty themselves, and people with bad hygiene.

14. What is the worst pick up line you have ever heard? "Aye girl, you look high maintenance, you should lower your standards so I can have a chance." True story.

15. What advice would you give to a person that wanted to be a model? Do your research. Look at different magazines and pictures and find what interests you most. When looking to work with photographers, there are so many scam artists that you should be picky with who you decide. Check their credits, look at their port, and make sure you have confidence that they will capture what you are trying to portray.

16. Would you ever consider picking up the check on a first date? Absolutely not, I'm very traditional. The man is suppose to care for and impress the lady.

17. What is something about you that you would change. I am very stubborn. I always have to have it my way. It's really not good because then I do not take it well when someone disagrees with me.

18. What attracts you to a man? There has to be a physical attraction. I'm not shallow, but physical attraction is very important in relationships. I love confidence. I make jokes on people a lot and if a guy isn't confident then I'd probably kill his ego and that's not attractive. Sense of humor, I love to laugh. Lastly, someone outgoing. I'm laid back, a more relaxed type, so I need someone that is the opposite of me to keep me entertained.

19. How many dates would you have to go on with a man in order to feel comfortable enough to have sex with him? I can't put a number on that, but I have no intention of having sex with someone that I am not in a relationship with.

20. What is the first thing you notice about a man when you see him? How he carries himself. Swagg is very important to me, and it's so easy to see who has it and who doesn't.

I am not an average model. I have a true understanding of how the industry works. I love meeting people and learning from them to put it toward my career. I have a passion for it. I know how to find out who is legit and I never settle for anything that is less than my expections. I have an open mind and I appreciate hearing different perspectives. Thank you for the interview, I enjoyed it!

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