BlockDymez is a social club with chapters all over of the United States. We have 30 ladies in each chapter. Five of those ladies are officers that keep the chapter functioning properly. This social organization consists of ladies having interests, activities and purpose in common. BlockDymez targets female professionals in the entertainment industry or industries alike that are dominated by men. BlockDymez is a way for women to find intellectual and social companionship with one another, positively. We hold our ladies accountable for their success. Our job is only to provide opportunity & develop them to take advantage of those opportunities.


BlockDymez Potentials are ladies that are featured only on our site.

Official BlockDymez are ladies who can be featured on the site, help build the BlockDymez chapters in their area and are the only ones who can be featured in the magazine. You have to fill out an application and pay an app fee of $25. We don't want ladies who aren't serious and who won't consider investing in themselves a measly $25.

BlockDymez Executives are models who can do what potentials and officials can and they also run the chapters in their area.

BlockDymez Cover Girls are ladies who bring us product sponsors. These sponsors like Ambi, Walmart, Dark & Lovely, Mabelline, BabyPhat, etc pay $1,000 - $5,000 to pay for you to become and Official BlockDymez. They also pay for your photoshoot, your cover, and for us to advertise their product in BlockDymez Magazine and at our events.

Which one are you trying to be? We don't hand out anything! If you are with us and we allow you to use us as a platform to help your career you have to work to get in and to stay in. We brand, market & promote you in a higher platform than the one you already have. We do your graphics free and we help you gain the success you need to excel in this industry. We coach you if you need it. Where do you stand?

BLOCKDYMEZ is A LEGITIMATE CORPORATION! WE ARE LICENSED! BlockDymez produces many ways for you to generate income with us through event hosting, advertising & recruiting. BlockDymez is a NATIONAL SORORITY with CHAPTERS all over the United States.

If interested in BlockDymez Magazine submit images to