Friday, February 12, 2010


Name: Aireal Gomez
Age: 18
Location: DMV
Zodiac: Cancer
Twitter: MsAireal
Website: N/A
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1. What was your reasons for getting into modeling?

-My beauty, I've always been told that I should model esp in HS, so I started pursuing it. (ESP for myself aswell)

2. Who are your biggest influences?

-Angel Lola Love

3. What are your goals for your modeling career?

-I want to make my mark, be known and travel!.

4. IF you can change anything about the way models are viewed and used what would it be?

-If I could change something on the way models are viewed I would just want more RESPECT,(ESP for our grind!) just because you have ass in a picture does not mean you are a hoe or a video vixen. It's more fond of beauty and how beautiful us women bodies are. (like art). I want people to understand that.

5. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now with your career?

-I see myself traveling, having a strong foundation built from my success in modeling and school.

6. How does your mate feel about you modeling?

-Uncomfortable, but trust's me. Plain and simple :)

7. Do you feel like models should be paid to shoot or that models should pay their photographers?

-Both!, all models should have some type of gigs and all models should pay if you want good work.

8. Growing up what did you want to be?

-I wanted to be a Dance Choreographer.

9. What are your fears?


10. Do you think being with a celebrity romantically will help your career?

-No, I want to build my career on my own. My relationships are personal.

11. Do you think and feel black models get a bad reputation in the industry?

-The only bad reputation I've heard is 'hoe', for all women. And that is not right.

12. How do your parents feel about you modelng?

-They agree with everything I want to do, as long as I'm happy

13. What are your pet peeves?

-People who lick their fingers, chew loud, and ppl who forget to turn off their signals on the road.

14. What is the worst pick up line you have ever heard?

-I've had so many!, I remember a guy was like, 'mama can I lick your toes, I'll be your dog forever, can we get married?, I want you to have my children and stay home while I be the dog' lol (that's just one I can think about)

15. What advice would you give to a person that wanted to be a model?

-Be serious about it!, love what you do and don't listen to what anybody has to say about you, unless it's true..that's when you worry.

16. Would you ever consider picking up the check on a first date?

-Yes, a man loves a women who has her own like neyo says 'I love it when she say, It's cool I got it'.

17. What is something about you that you would change.

-Nothing. Everything that I am makes me, me.

18. What attracts you to a man?

-Somebody who is Humble, Successful, has a good humor and shows their persistency with me no matter how busy they get.

19. How many dates would you have to go on with a man in order to feel comfortable enough to have sex with him?

-We would have some type of relationship or pursuing a relationship so I would say maybe the third date but this wouldn't be any typical guy, somebody special.

20. What is the first thing you notice about a man when you see him?

-How much I'm making him smile.

I've always be the type to shine, I feel like this is my time to eventually shine even more, I just want to thank all the people who are working with me!, y'all are blessed and I'm thankful for everything!. Thankyou

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  1. I liked it. Kept your answers simple and still got your point across. And from your responses you can tell you not just cute, you got a good head on your shoulders too. Plus you sound real dedicated and determined. So keep chasin your dream and I hope you catch it!