Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Name: CandiCoated
Origin: Jamaican,Chinese,Irish
Location: Miami,FL
Zodiac: Cancer
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Measurements: 36,27,42
Twitter: @CandiCoated
ModelMayhem: CandiCoated
Booking Info:BookingCandiCoated@Gmail.Com
Photographer:Vxn Studios

Hi my name is CandiCoated I'm a professional published model specializing in print,fashion,advertisements,videos,hostings,etc. Some of my worst experiences in the modeling industry are unprofessional people period!! Also photographers taking long to give me my pics. That really pisses me off!

1. Why do you think the divorce rate is so high? Communication & trust issues

2. Do you think it would be easier to date a celebrity? I find it just as hard!

3. Have you ever wished you had your own reality show? Sometimes

4. Why do you think reality shows are so popular? Because people can relate. It seems "real"

5. Do you feel like exotic dancers and porn stars have it much easier in the urban modeling industry? I think it's the same

6. What's one thing you wish you could change about the modeling industry? The way people see models were more then sex symbols were sexy educated business women!!

7. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest) how would you rate your sex drive? 9

8. Do men expect your sex drive to be higher because you model?
Yes I think it's because of my confidence level & sex appeal.
9. What won't you do in a music video? Get naked or slutty!

10. Would you date a rapper and/or athlete? Yes if it works out lol
11. Name one modeling myth.
Models use themselves to get ahead in this industry.

12. Imagine you are a parent. If your daughter told you she wanted to model what would you say? I would respect it

13. Do you make money off of your photoshoots? Yes! thx

14. Has any photographer made a pass at you? Yes but I don't mix business with pleasure! And I don't need no newcomers in my circle!

15. What's your favorite men's magazine? King

16. Do you feel like you live a dual life one for the entertainment industry and one for "9 to 5"? No Modeling gigs keeps me busy. I model and attend school partime

17. Do you have more respect for a wife that knows her husband is cheating and stays or a mistress who sleeps with someone else's husband? I have more respect for the wife!.all that time she invested why not stay and still reap the benefit$

18. Do you feel more comfortable single or in a relationship? Either or I'm good!

19. Do you have a probationary period before having sex with a man? Yes, it depends on the man how long the probation will be

20. Do you think when you have sex with a man determines the course of the relationship?
Not at all! To guys sex is sex!!!

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