What are CHAPTERS? A group of models that represent a their city.

How long have you been in business?
We've been in business 6 years but we've been in publishing for 2

Are you liscensed?

Are there any other upfront fees beside the $25 app fee? If so, how much?
No, however we ask ladies to pay for their photoshoots when they are ready to shoot for the magazine. Or provide us with images to publish or to us to market them. All models must receive permission from their photographers before submitting ANY images to BlockDymez

Are you an agency? If so, how many models do you represent? No we are not an agency. We are a social organization and a marketing and branding company. We also publish BlockDymez Magazine Men's Guide. Which is a sex, love & relationship advice magazine for men. We have over 2,000 BlockDymez all over the United States & The United Kingdom

How much work do your models get?
Models only get the amount of work that they put themselves out there to get. BlockDymez make money off of the events they host. They also get a percentage of advertising sales.

What percentage of your models get work? Once again we are NOT an agency. It is not up to BlockDymez to find you work. Fortunately, you are targeted for work just by using the BlockDymez name. We only help to brand your image. That is what gets you work and pay, Branding and marketing. Models can also generate income by selling advertisement inside the magazine.

Success rate for models? We rarely work with NEW models. Most of the models we work with have been modeling for at least a year and already have industry standard portfolios. When we do work with new models we encourage them to invest in themselves. It helps with their success rate.

Does your modeling agency make any money from models before they work or are you commission only? We are NOT a modeling agency. We only generate income off of advertising sales and registration fees. Models generate income through event hosting and advertising as well.

Is your bussiness listed in the BBB?