I woke up Sunday morning feeling frisky and mildly frustrated. I had just had a dream where I was getting fucked in some alleyway by a stranger and felt aroused and warm. I straightened out the little tank top I was wearing and adjusted my boyshorts which had been in the process of coming off when I woke up.

I looked over at my boyfriend Tim who was sleeping next to me and got a naughty idea. I slipped under the blankets and started to rub his cock under his boxers. I felt him stirring a little and got bolder, inching his boxers down and taking his soft cock in my mouth. Within seconds, I felt his dick hardening in my mouth. I love that feeling, getting him all hard and ready in my mouth. He gave a light moan and I felt his hand wrapping around my hair and pushing his dick further into my mouth.

"God, you're so fucking sexy," He whispered, slipping the covers off so he can see me sucking cock. He was so hard and ready and I couldn't wait to have it inside my pussy. I got up on my knees next to him, and he took the hint and started fingering my pussy while I continued sucking on him. I was dripping wet around his fingers and aching to get his cock inside me. And then I felt him stiffen and felt his cock explode in my mouth, his cum shooting into my mouth in warm spurts. "Oh shit, baby, I couldn't hold it." He said apologizing, running his hand through his dark hair sheepishly. He must have seen the disappointed look on my face because then he said, "I'll make it up to you later. I promise."

"You better...!" I said to him, and threw a pillow at him playfully. I got up and walked into the kitchen to boil some water for the coffee and I heard the shower turn on. I was now horny and a quite a bit frustrated.

I was still sitting at the kitchen stool, drinking coffee when he got out in the living room, with a towel wrapped around his waist. He looked so damned sexy, all wet and glistening. "Are you guys playing ball today?" I asked him, knowing that Sundays were his days with the boys where they went to the park and played some football. Then they all gathered somewhere and watched football all day. Male bonding time.

"Yup. Then we're probably going to come here since James has his niece and nephew from out of town at his place."

"Ok. I'm probably just going to run some errands...was thinking of getting a mani anyway so you guys can have the place to yourselves. I'll be out of here by the time you guys get here." I told him, knowing that they were usually done playing by about two in the afternoon. I had about four hours just to relax around the house by myself.

He got up and put on some sweats and a t shirt and giving me a quick kiss, walked out the door. I took the coffee into the bedroom, and opened the sliding glass door there to let some fresh air in. I took a hot shower and resisted the urge to masturbate. I wanted to, but I also wanted to be horny all day waiting for nighttime when I knew we were going to have some mind blowing sex. Tim always got horny after he played ball...something about all the testosterone made him into an animal. I couldn't wait.

I had just finished drying my hair and putting on some light makeup and lip gloss when the sky cracked open and it started to pour rain. I ran to the door to shut it before the rain got on the carpet and saw that the sky had turned a dark grey and it looked like it was going to rain all day. "Fuck!" I said to myself, dreading driving in the rain. I was wearing a short pink shirt and white panties, in the kitchen trying to decide on either an omelet or some fruit when the front door shoved open and a bunch of male voices filled the house.

"Hey babe," Tim shouted as he walked into the house, drenched and muddy,"We got rained out! We just came back here to watch the game and get something to eat." He stopped short when he got to the kitchen, because I didn't have time to recover, and I was standing in the kitchen, still in my t shirt and thong, wearing only a shocked expression on my face. He turned and tried to block his friends from seeing me, but they had already gathered into the house, and was now staring at my half naked ass, standing in the kitchen with my mouth open. I recovered quickly enough to run into the hallway that led to the bedroom, but I could almost feel their eyes on my ass as I ran out of there.

I got into the bedroom, and buried my head into the pillow, humiliated. But also, I could feel my body responding in arousal. I thought of the guys out in the living room. James, the tall kind of lanky guy who had a shy smile, Kevin, cocky, with the twinkling eyes. He and I had made out at a party once before I met his friend Tim and fell for him. And Theo, with a face full of beard and a bear like voice, I had always had a little crush on him too.

I was in the bedroom, trying to figure out a graceful exit out of this when Tim walked in, a grin around his mouth. "I'm going to kill you! You could've texted and let me know you were on your way home!" I said to him, my face still flushed from the embarrassment.

"No worries babe,I totally forgot," He said laughing, "They just thought it was cute. And anyway, you have a fantastic ass and I'm sure they all loved checking it out up close and personal."

"Shut up!" I told him, "I can never look at them again!" I turned away from him to go into the closet when he grabbed me around the waist.

"God, you looked so fucking hot running away with your ass bouncing around like that. I couldn't stop looking at you. I'm sure they thought so too." He told me, kissing my neck, and groping at my hard nipples. He nuzzled my neck, starting to bite a little behind my ears just the way I liked. And his hand moved away from flicking my nipples to under my thong, his index finger finding my clit swollen and my pussy lips wet and slick. "We're kind of frustrated at not being able to take out some stress out on ball." He whispered to me, while he fucked me with his fingers. I could barely stand and he was holding me up with one hand behind my back. He laid me on the bed, and parted my legs, running his hands up and down my calves and legs until I was begging for him to lick my pussy. He knelt on the ground in between my open legs, and opened up my pussy lips with his fingers and buried his tongue as deeply as it would go up my cunt. I spread my legs even wider, trying to give him as much access as I could.

He had two fingers inside me, and my clit in his mouth, rolling it around on his tongue, and slightly pulling on it every now and then. He does this thing where he kisses me all over my pussy as if it were my mouth. And it drives me crazy. And when he sucked my entire pussy into his mouth and started to roll his tongue on my clit, I exploded all over his mouth, my juices pouring out into his waiting mouth. That's when I whispered, "Fuck me now. I need to feel your cock inside me now," and opened my eyes.

And saw all three of his friends standing around the room, looking at us. I quickly pulled my legs closed and tried to get up, but Tim, put his body on top of mine, grabbing my legs by my ankles and keeping my legs spread open.

"Just relax," He said into my ear, "Remember..? We talked about this?" He asked, referring to the time we told each other our fantasies and how I always wondered what it would be like to have more than a couple of guys taking turns on me. "You're so beautiful." He said and kissed me deeply, his hand reaching under me to yank my panties off. I felt another weight on the bed, and somebody on top of my head, pulling on my t shirt. I felt the shirt being taken off me, my tits and hard nipples bouncing out into view.

Then I closed my eyes and felt hands and lips all over my body. Rough, different hands on my tits and nipples, running through my hair. I felt another mouth on my pussy, sucking and tasting. I opened my eyes and saw that Kevin had taken Tim's place in between my legs, his sparkling eyes locking on mine and giving me that smirky look that had attracted me to him in the first place. He tasted me like he wanted to remember every detail. He took his time putting his cock inside me, inch by inch, like he had all the time in the world. When he had put all of him inside me, he kind of left it like that, letting me get used the way he felt inside my pussy. The, he began to fuck me slowly, gently, holding my legs up by my ankles so I was completely on display for him and for the other guys looking. I saw that Tim was sitting on the chair next to the bed, staring at Kevin's cock pumping in and out of my pussy. James was knelt next to me on the floor, his mouth on my nipples, lightly biting and pulling them. Theo was the one who took my top off and was next to my head, stroking his cock.

When Theo stepped out of his sweats and pushed his cock at my face, I opened my mouth eagerly, Kevin working my pussy and rubbing on my clit. I could see that Tim had now pulled his cock out and was jerking off, watching his two friends fucking my mouth and pussy.

Then Theo and Kevin switched places and Kevin grabbed me by the waist and turned me over so I was on all fours on the bed, and he pushed his cock into my mouth, grabbing me by the hair as he did so. Theo got behind me, and giving me a few slaps on my ass, pushed his dick into my ass, groaning. I could feel myself being pulled and pushed in between them, and the thought of Tim watching me getting fucked on both ends gave me my second orgasm. I came so hard that I pushed Theo out of my pussy with my spasms, my legs giving out from underneath me. He pushed his fingers in my still throbbing pussy and seeing that I was no longer spasming, he shoved his cock inside and started to pump me roughly, slapping my ass and fingering my ass at the same time. I was yelling at him to fuck me harder, my words muffled by Kevin's dick that was still buried in my mouth. I felt him get really hard in my pussy and then I felt him shooting his hot cum all over my pussy walls, his hands around my waist tightening as shot his cum all over me.

Then Kevin took his turn at my pussy, his rock hard dick sliding easily into my now dripping wet cunt. "Oh shit. You're so fucking wet." Kevin said, his mouth next to my ear as he slid in and out of me. "You little slut. You love this don't you?" I could feel another orgasm coming at the way that Kevin was talking to me. "Prancing around in your little little tease." He said and roughly fucked me, pulling his cock all the way out and then shoving it back in a few times. He grabbed a handful of my ass cheek and spread my ass wide open around his cock, his fingers brushing against my ass. By this time, James had stepped up to my mouth and was fucking my mouth, his hands wrapped around my hair.

I came again, screaming around James' cock and feeling Kevin coming with me, filling my pussy with another load of cum. James didn't last very long either and was coming into my mouth, and I sucked it dry eagerly, getting all the cum out of his cock that I could.

I collapsed on the bed, feeling cum oozing out of my pussy. I had almost passed out when I felt warm hands rubbing my legs and a warm wet towel, wiping away the cum on my thighs and ass.
I opened my eyes and saw Tim, standing over me with a smile on his face. "Did you enjoy yourself baby?" He asked me, his dark eyes so sexy and kind. I giggled and nodded, not trusting myself to speak. He climbed on top of me, his long body feeling so warm and protective over mine. He kissed me deeply as he slowly eased his cock into my sopping wet pussy, my legs spreading for him, and wrapping around his waist to pull him in as closely as I could. I thought to myself how I felt that I could stay like that forever. In his arms with him inside me.



This phrase confuses the hell out of me. Faking it. Faking cumming. Why the fuck would I want to do that.
Am I too tired to cum that I feel the need to pretend I did? First of all. I am NEVER too tired to cum. Just to emphasize, I mean like never ever.

I may like you or even love you because we’re fucking. So don’t take this the wrong way. I sure as hell am not going to fake anything for your benefit. That’s deceiving myself, and my pussy holds grudges.

Am I bored and I just want to get it over with? Chances are no. Sex is not boring. Regardless of your experience level and the size of your special bag of tricks, sex is sex. It does not need to be the kinkiest, last the longest, flip you upside down and inside out sort of sex to be good. To be great for that matter. It can be simple. As long as we are enjoying ourselves and each other, I am not bored. And I’m going to cum.

Unless you’re the boy who tried to fuck me in the ass when you thought it was my pussy. Thanks for that. That time I was bored. That’s why I dropped you off. You looked confused when I said you better go before you miss your train. What train you asked. The one leaving for The Masturbation Station. Looking back, I wish I had said that. At least something clever anyways.

Invest the time. Sure there are those times where fingers start to cramp, tongues get tired, cocks get soft, pussies get dry. I still don’t think it’s worth faking it to make someone feel better. I really don’t have the answer of what to do when you’re trying to make someone cum and it’s not happening or anytime soon. Time runs out sometimes. Like say you have to work the next day. Or the backseat of the car is going to send you to the chiropractor if you’re there much longer. Or you only rented the room for an hour.

Lucky for you it doesn’t take much for me to cum. On top of that, my new blog is pretty specific on what turns me on, so that’s like the instruction manual on how to operate me and my pussy. Learn it by heart, I don’t have time to waste with you. We’re going to be busy. Very busy.

PS: Holy fuck I’m cumming. I just said that in the mirror. Yeah - I can’t fake that and say it with a straight face. Great. Now I have to go and make it up to my pussy.

from a real sex kitten