Monday, January 3, 2011

BLOCKDYMEZ POTENTIAL #73: Heather Shanholtz

Name: Heather Shanholtz
Age: 26
Origan: German, Irish, American Indian
Location: Miami, FL
Zodiac: Scorpio
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Measurements: 34D-25-36
Booking Info:

My name is Heather Shanholtz and I'm a full time glamour model. I mainly model swimsuit and lingerie. By the end of January I'll have 14 national magazines out on shelves in 4 short months including Maxim Espanol, Planet Muscle, Muscle Mag, Venue, The Dupont Registry, 2 issues of Ultimate MMA, 3 issues back to back of American Curves, an American Curves Special Edition, JM Magazine, The cover of Street Low Magazine & Zaria Magazine. I also has an upcoming shoot for Girls of Lowrider.

Also coming out a national calendars for Camacho Cigars and OTM.

For fun I like to go to the gun range, skydive and paintball. I also have my motorcycle license so I love to ride.

1. What's your worse experience within the entertainment industry and with who?
Not anything in particular but it is kind of a lot like high school. There is a lot of gossip and drama with models and photographers.

2. What do you want to come out of your modeling career?
I'm just seeing where it takes me. I continue to work hard and have recently got into acting so when my looks fade I'll have that to fall back on as well as graphic and web design, and a ton of other things.

3. What is the most satisfying thing about being a model?
You get to travel and make your own schedule.

4. Do you think that it is easy to avoid drama once you become successful?
No it's way harder. Everyone suddenly has to put their 2 cents in on what they think. Old friends and family you haven't heard from in years finally come out of the woodwork too.

5. Do you think that dating is hard?
The hardest when your a model. Your never there and always on the road.

6. Have you ever been in love with two people at the same time?

7. How did you find money when you were flat broke?
Get a 2nd job.

8. Have you ever had an attraction to a member of the same sex?
All the time! LOL!

9. What are the most important qualities in a man?
Honesty, Loyalty, Amazing sense of humor and their own sense of style.

10. What's the biggest change you've made in yourself?
I've learned how to separate business from personal whereas before I didn't and it got me in trouble. Before I looked at modeling as partying my face off every night. Now that I'm wiser I treat it like a business and still party but do it in a certain moderation.

11. Do you feel like a specific race has more opportunities than another?
Not necessarily. All races are capable in accomplishing any goal they have as long as they keep up with the dedication behind their drive and keep motivated.

12. Is a relationship worth the trouble of maintaining it?
Depends on who with.

13. What percentage of your pay do you spend on payday?
I try to save 75% but my bills are crazy high. I love my lifestyle.

14. How would you feel if you found out there was no GOD?

15. Do you model for attention or because of how it makes you feel?
Both. I love the attention and it's fun to go out and buy my magazines on the shelves and see how all of my hard work has paid off. I have had at least 2-3 on shelves per month for the last 3.

16. Eye Candy Modeling is not lucrative for models, do you feel that photographers take advantage of a female's desperation? Some of them do. But eye candy modeling is lucrative for me because I'm very business motivated. I turn it into more exposure and make appearances at clubs and get paid for that. I normally do at least 2 a week. I also work with some smaller named photographers that want to use me just because I'm more well known and since I know graphic design and photo editing I teach them both after the shoot. So I get paid for 3 things.

17. Do you think you have an advantage of other models because of your look?
I think I do because my look is very versatile. I can pull off a commercial look and can also pose for multiple types of magazines. Even though I'm German, Irish & American Indian I still pose for the urban and latina magazines.

18. If you were publisher of BlockDymez Magazine who would you chose to be in our magazine other than yourself?
Tahiti Cora, Shanna Corrina, Elizabeth Christine, Rali Ivanova.

19. What kind of person do people mistake you as?
A bitch because of my looks.

20. Who are you interested in working with in the future?
Show Magazine & FHM.

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