Friday, February 12, 2010


Name: Rali Ivanova
Age: 24
Twitter: @RaliIvanova

1. Do people tell you that you act older, younger, or your age? Most of the time i act older but when it's time for fun i can get little crazy ...

2. What's your definition of cheating? is when my partner have a feeling for another girl more then me

3. Do you trust easily? no not at all

4. Does it matter to you who earns most of the money in a relationship? not at all if i make more money i would love to share them with him

5. What are the most important traits in a man, in your opinion? resposibility, education and sense of humor

6. Do you think that in this world today, a relationship between man and woman can be happy and well adjusted? of course it's all about trust and i think

7. What do you think your 5 strongest characteristics are
friendliness ,a good conversationalist , reliable ,responsible and very honest :))

8. When you go out and about with your friends, where do you like to go the most? i love martini bars but i love dancing too and i go clubbing a lot

9. What characteristics do you find makes a person heroic in your eyes? generous person that gives more than they even have someimes

10. What is the one thing that you desire above all else for yourself? to be with my family

11. Have you had anything in your life that has changed where and how you conduct yourself? No

12. Are you for or against marriage, or do you have an opinion on the subject?
i am :) so i'm for the marriage

13. Have you ever gone out with a guy who was a Challenge? Explain. not really

14. What's the most important thing that men don't understand about women that they should? things that they don't seem to be important can really affect us

15. Do you feel that you've ever had a truly successful relationship? yep i have it right now

16. How do you feel about people with attitudes that differ from yours? i don't lke it of the go to far

17. When in a relationship who's responsibility is it to provide birth control? that's our responsibility of course

18. Do you think it's unladylike to carry condoms?
i don't think so ! it's all about been safe

19. How do you respond to your partner when he pisses you off?
not good , i yell a lot

20. Is it acceptable for your man to have female friends?
o yeah !! of course, sometimes the opposite sex are great friends

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