Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Name: Cynthia Fortune

Age: 27

Zodiac: Capricorn

Measurements: 34-28-44



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1. What's the best part about being beautiful?

The best part of being beautiful is that it opens up opportunities and you don’t need anyone to validate who you are you can do that for yourself.

2. What advice would you give a man that may be intimidated by your beauty?

I would advise him to look within himself and come to an understanding as to why he is so intimidated by my beauty.

3. After a break up would you date one of your ex's friends for revenge?

No, I would not date an ex’s friends for revenge.

4. Do you think the majority of women settle for less?

Yes, I feel that the majority of women settle for less because they have built some sort of story in their mind stating that they are not good enough to have what they want, due to a fear of failure or fear of success.

5. Do you think African American Women are the hardest women to date?

Yes, I think African American women are hardest to date because they hold pride within them and don’t allow themselves to let go of the stress or issues.

6. What's the best part about being in a relationship with you?

The best part about being in relationship with me is that I am a loving, caring and a passionate woman. I enjoy making my partner happy in every way possible.

7. Do you think it's ok to have sex if not in a committed relationship?

Yes, I think it’s ok to have sex and not be in a committed relationship because life is about experiences some of them are spontaneous. The spontaneous ones are exciting and lots of fun.

8. In a predicament would you listen to your gut or listen to your friends?

I would listen to my gut because your gut instinct is always right.

9. Are you ok with people knowing that you are in a relationship?

Yes, I am ok with people knowing that I am in a relationship.

10. Would you ever consider dating a convicted felon?

Yes, I would consider dating a convicted felon because that doesn’t make the person who they are. I feel that if you are a good person, looking to turn your life around and that’s what you show me than rest doesn’t matter.

11. Do you believe there is a timeframe on love?

I do not believe there is not a timeframe on love because things happen and you can’t help who or when you fall in love with someone.

12. Why do you think some women use men for money?

Some women use men for money because the same reason men use women for sex. If they can get away with they will and most time they can.

13. Why do you think some men use women for sex?

I think men use women for sex because men they can and want to see if they still have what it takes to snag a woman. It’s ultimately about their ego.

14. Do you think there is a mentality difference between a woman that has had a father figure and a woman that has not?

Most definitely there is a difference b/c women with an active father figure have less insecurity in with men.

15. Do you think that African American men have an issue with displaying love? If so, if not explain why.

I think that 90% African American men do have an issue with displaying love b/c they are taught to be strong therefore they relate showing emotions as being a sign of weakness.

16. Would you ever consider dating a Caucasian man?

I would absolutely date a Caucasian man and I have in the past. It was a great experience especially if he was packing in all the right places.

17. Describe your first time.

My first time I was in love with a special young man and he was gentle, loving and considerate of my needs at the time.

18. Define SEXY.

I define sexy as someone who is good looking but are poised, classy, and elegant. They also exude charisma in all that they do and have a great energy about them.

19. How would you romance a man?

I would romance a man by being thoughtful, erotic and loving. I would run him a bath after a long day at work, send him flowers for no reason at all or surprise him with quiet night at home. When you’re intimate reverse the roles and the same way that women would like to be treated do the same for him.

20. On a scale of 1-10 what's ur confidence level?

I surpass a level 10. End of story…..

I believe that we as women should follow our passions in life and not allow challenges to get in the way of our goals, dreams and aspirations.

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