Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Name: Savannah Sky
Zodiac: Virgo
Website:in the works


1. What's the best part about being beautiful?
when it's from within, beauty is not determined by looks, in my eyes

2. What advice would you give a man that may be intimidated by your beauty? I have been told, that I have one of the best personalities, and since of humor, ANY guy could ever asked for. So please don't be afraid to approach me :)

3. After a break up would you date one of your ex's friends for revenge? Oh No!!! that's a huge no no, in my book of dating 101

4. Do you think the majority of women settle for less? some, but not majority- some females are happy with settling, some are motivated/hustla's

5. Do you think African American Women are the hardest women to date? yes, black women are so focused on how their last man, did them wrong..they will always bring that extra baggage into a new relationship, which will eventually prevent the relationship from prospering- plus we talk too much, lol

6. What's the best part about being in a relationship with you? I'm independent- I work on cars for a living, modeling is my hobby, I rehab homes, and I repair computers, I can cook, and I'm romantic

7. Do you think it's ok to have sex if not in a committed relationship? yes sex is a wonderful thing, just use protection if you're not in a committed relationship

8. In a perdicament would you listen to your gut or listen to your friends? I always go with my 1st mind, never did me wrong

9. Are you ok with people knowing that you are in a relationship? Yes indeed, I'm proud of my relationship

10. Would you ever consider dating a convicted felon? depends on the charge, murder no, rapist no..fraud? Mmmm that can pass lol

11. Do you believe there is a timeframe on love? It should be, Sometimes when you rush could be asking for trouble/headed for disaster

12. Why do you think some women use men for money? some women are fortunate enough to have people/men in their lives that love them enough, to give their last dollar. So if you have to use someone for anything..that's just sad-

13. Why do you think some men use women for sex? That's the woman's fault, if that's the impression that you gave that man, then you got, what you were asking for-

14. Do you think there is a mentality difference between a woman that has had a father figure and a woman that has not?
yes indeed- From experience..not having a dad around, made me love harder- I'm very affectionate to my man, sometimes it gets on his nerves at times :/

15. Do you think that African American men have an issue with displaying love? If so, if not explain why. YES

16. Would you ever consider dating a Caucasian man? yes, I have before as a teenager

17. Describe your first time. LMAO well, he "thought" he was getting it in, but I was squeezing my thighs so tight, he thought it was my p*****, but he eventually came, and I just laid there, he asked why didn't I moan or anything??, and I looked at him and said, because it wasn't never in there- hahaha..that was 8yrs ago, so sad for him

18. Define SEXY. it starts with the EYES, that's how you seduce someone, and your walk...and of course being beautiful is always a plus

19. How would you romance a man? great dinner, massage, hot bath together, and then make love all night longggg

20. On a scale of 1-10 what's ur confidence level? 10+

To everyone, My website is in the works, you can find me on twitter at SavannahSky1, thanks for the support, and thanks Block Dymes, for giving me this Opportunity

featured in ENFLUENZ MAGAZINE skin deep
thank you JL Nick

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