Friday, April 9, 2010


Name: Ethelvina

Age: 31

Zodiac: Pisces


Twitter: twitter/loveputo


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1. What's the best part about being beautiful? The best part about being an attractive woman is that opens doors that would normally be closed. At times my beauty precedes me and I am very appreciative for that! lol

2. What advice would you give a man that may be intimidated by your beauty? RELAX and be yourself there is nothing sexier than a confident man! Either we’ll hit it off or not who’s to say but you will never know unless you try.

3. After a break up would you date one of your ex's friends for revenge? Hell no…

4. Do you think the majority of women settle for less? Most definitely because some women don’t know their worth so they settle for whatever seems right or feels good for that moment…

5. Do you think African American Women are the hardest women to date? Yup, prolly because we don’t take no shit!!! Either you’re going to love and respect me the way that I love and respect you or there is nothing between us!

6. What's the best part about being in a relationship with you? The best part about being in a relationship with me is that I love hard!

7. Do you think it's ok to have sex if not in a committed relationship?
There is nothing wrong with two consenting adults having an agreement to just do what we do without any strings….I don’t see nothing wrong with pleasure without the cuddling< er’ now and then, adds a lil spice in life!

8. In a predicament would you listen to your gut or listen to your friends? I always go with my gut feeling, I will however ask my friends opinion – but the final decision rests with me! That way there is no one to blame

9. Are you ok with people knowing that you are in a relationship? I’m kind of a private person when it comes to the affairs of the heart, who I’m with I think is my business!

10. Would you ever consider dating a convicted felon? Ummmm, hell to the naw (in my Whitney Houston voice)!

11. Do you believe there is a timeframe on love? In fairytales love can conquer all and be everything but in reality sometimes love does fade or at least get a little tarnished

12. Why do you think some women use men for money? I think some women use men for money because its covenant! No disrespect to men but mostly they think with their dicks and that works in my favor cause I got exactly what they want< PUSSY! Unless he’s gay< lol

13. Why do you think some men use women for sex? Again because they’re thinking with their dicks! Some men don’t want to be in a committed relationship but they still need to have sex < so for them it will be convenient to have some

14. Do you think there is a mentality difference between a woman that has had a father figure and a woman that has not? Yes there is a huge difference in the way a woman feels/thinks about men if she’s had a father or good father figure in her life, I think she is more likely to have a higher self-esteem and demand more respect from a man

15. Do you think that African American men have an issue with displaying love? If so, if not explain why. I don’t know what the problem is with our “brothers” but someone needs to identify the problem and offer some solutions….

16. Would you ever consider dating a Caucasian man? Yes I most certainly would and any other ethnicity as long as he treated me like I deserve to be treated!

17. Describe your first time. My first time was with my high school sweetheart, I was the aggressor – what can I say, I wanted to share my love with him-it was a special moment (it hurt like hell) but I’ll never forget him – we still keep in touch, but I will admit unlike the song Sade sings(Never as good as the first time) it keeps getting sweeter and sweeter, better than the first time!!!!!

18. Define SEXY. Sexy to me is Confidence

19. How would you romance a man? I would romance a man by finding out what he likes what turns him on and indulge him in that – I’d send him flowers for no reason; massage his feet when he’s had a long day. Have his bath water ready when he gets home and gently wash away all his stress. I would make sure my baby has his dinner hot and ready everyday! I would be his everything

20. On a scale of 1-10 what's ur confidence level? Swagga on a hundred, thousand, trillion! lol

I am determined to see my dreams become a reality!

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