Thursday, July 29, 2010


Name: London
Age: 22
Origan: Syrian, Scottish, Jamaican, Chinese born in London, England
Location: Tampa, Fl
Zodiac: Aquarius
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Taken
Measurements: 32C-26-37
Twitter: @MissLondon2u
Website: Coming Soon!
Booking Info:
Photographer: VXN studios

1. Are you doing something that "matters" in life?
If so explain. Yea, I'm working on finishing up my degree and applying to Law school. I volunteered at a school last year, and it was lower income. Coming from another country I haven't always understood why African Americans sometimes have such a resentful position against U.S. government and how society is ran. After seeing just the lack of materials and attention these kids were getting I decided I wanted to find a way to make a change in the funding these schools are getting. If something doesnt change the cycle just won't end.

2. What is the difference between love, romance & sex?

Love to me is that desire to always ensure the person you love is secure, and safe. It's like you have a place in your heart for them that will stop you from treating them like every other person, love is when you value them just for who they are. Romance is that spark, kinda like the embellishments you create for the person you care about. Sex is just Sex. Yeah when you combine all three together it makes them more significant but sex without Love, or sex without romance is just an act that hopefully ends with a good orgasm.

3. What is the best relationship advice you've ever gotten?
The best relationship advice I've ever gotten is learn the person you love, relationships often get f*cked up because you go into it with your own standards and expect the other person to see things the way you do... and unless you're dating yourself that isnt going to work.

4. Should couples have individual or joint bank accounts?

I think that couples should have both. Definitely there's no reason to not have a joint bank account with the person you are with. Anyone I would be in a relationship with I would have to be able to trust with everything so why not. I definitely still think you should keep your own safety account in the event you guys go your seperate ways or if you just want to indulge on something for yourself tho.

5. List 3 nouns that best describe you.
.... Loyal, Spontaneous, and Stubborn

6. Do you see things as "black & white" or do you believe their are shades of "gray"?
I see things black and white. I'm very cut and dry... if i dnt like you I dnt like you. I'm 100% against gray areas and being half way about anything.

7. Is it ok for your lover to have a bestfriend of the opposite sex?
Yea, I'm really not one of those girls that wants to keep my dude on a tight leash. I should be able to trust you to be grown and smart enough not to try me, and vice versa.

8. What words do you want to hear during love making?
LOL .... love making should feel so good I don't hear shit and you can't speak at all... make me just lose that sense while we're enjoying each other.

9. What kind of clothing do you find sexy?
On a man I just like them shirtless in some basketball short. Or a simple v-neck and dark jeans .... never wear anything embellished or Ed Hardy please for the love of god lol or shorts that don't pass your knee caps.

10. Do you feel comfortable discussing sexual preferences with your partner?
Um hell yeah my partner and I have to be on the same page with that otherwise that's leaving potential for misunderstandings

11. I don't feel good with a lover unless he/she has a better education and makes more money than I do. (TRUE OR FALSE)
Um False. I don't want anyone ignorant or broke, but as long as you are a progressive person and are doing something productive with yourself then we're good baby... :)

12. Do you expect the lover in your life to see things the way you do?

I definitely want us to be like minded and compatible. Do they have to like and dislike everything that I do.... no. But when it comes to significant matters, principles and moral values yea I want us to see things in the same way.

13. Is it TRUE that men only get emotional when it comes to sports or work troubles?
Hell no, yea men are raised to be strong and unemotional but men aren't robots... they're human as well lol. Men have hearts they might not show emotions as much as women or get emotional as easy as most women might but I'm sure sports and work aren't the only thing that men are capable of valuing and being emotional over.

14. What do you do when your partner comes home from work and starts to tell you about their day?
Normally when my partner comes home I have something ready for them to ease their mind of their day. If they wanna talk I listen, give em advice whatever the conversation requires. But as their partner I like to de-stress them where their work day is the last thing they are thinking off.

15. While arguing do you use "I" or "YOU" more?
Hmmm.... probably you.... don't know if thats a bad thing. But I only argue when I feel like Im right , I don't have a problem saying I'm wrong and i'd rather be having sex, or doing something fun than arguing. Yes I do support good sex as a solution to a bad fight .... Just let the frustration out people most of the time shit is petty!

16. When approaching someone very attractive to you what do you say?
Baby you're gawjus ....wats good.... Men and Women love hearing that for some reason ;p

17. Do you believe in destiny?
No, I believe that all that destiny and fate and what will be will be talk is malarkey ... it just gives people reason to be complacent with their life decisions. Whatever you put all your attention and focus into is what is going to pay off.... whether that be a relationship, career, or project. It's just up to you to decide what you want.

18. If you had to pick a song that summed up your current relationship status what would it be?
HAHAHA oh lawd ... honestly probably Rehab by Rihanna .... yea I'm hoping I get to that "Bonnie and Clyde" shit before 2011 lol

19. Do you think you would prefer a calm, loving, consistent marriage or one that was full of excitement, wild times and rocky patches?
Shit honestly I like looking back at wild times, and excitement... but that's in relationships not marriage. When I get married I want to be able to have stability and consistency because that's gonna take me into old age, and a different phase of my life.

20. Do you need to hear "I love you" everyday from your partner?
No. Life is not a fairy tale. If I know you love me I know it, you don't have to tell me every day, great if you do but if you don't we'll still be okay.

Ignorance is not bliss... I'd rather die enlightened than live a mental slave.

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