Thursday, July 22, 2010


Name: Cori Be
Age: 22
Origan: German mix
Location: tampa, fl
Zodiac: Leo
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Taken
Measurements: 34B-26-36
Twitter: futurelifecoach
Facebook:Cori Be
ModelMayhem: 1683879
Booking Info:
Photographer: VXNStudios

1. How did your dad find out you weren't a virgin anymore?
Umm we kind of skipped that conversation and at 22 just let him assume... If he wants to believe I’m his 12yr old daughter, I say he is getting older, let him have that one.

2. If your boyfriend asked you how many people you have been with would you tell him?
I was told that, “You always say 5 and they are the 6th one, and you keep it on one hand.” Lol But being honest with the one you truly love is always a good thing!

3. What's one question that you wouldn't answer?
What it would take for you to get me! Lol

4. Do you believe in not having sex before marriage?
umm, if you can hold out till marriage that is great, otherwise you may marry a guy and realize that the sex is not up to par and I’m not getting a divorce because we waited to have sex and not know everything about each other first! I think u may need to test the waters first if anything u can do unprotected after marriage if that make it better?

5. Do you think women demand too much in a relationship?
I believe most women can be demanding, but in a real relationship it is give and take and helping one another out equally. I expect what ever I ask my man to do; I will reciprocate the favor for him!! *wink lol

6. Do you think it is okay for a woman to hit a man? I only think its acceptable for a women to hit a man in a life threatening situation, like abuse or rape. But if you hit a man for no reason there may be consequences. Guys are naturally stronger than women in most cases so if you hit a guy…. if he hits women he will hit back! (But I DO NOT support men hitting women at all but it does happen)

7. Could you be with someone who takes care of you financially but not sexually?
People are only human and are not perfect, I wouldn't be with any guy just for the money or looks but if he is the one and can't sexually meet standards but can financially I have to accept him for what he can do!

8. How much does sex play a part in sustaining a relationship?
I think it depends on the couple about how much but I think sex plays a part in a relationship because there can be some frustrations and being able to release those with your partner is important! However, you don't need to have it everyday...temptation is key!!

9. Is there such thing as falling out of love and if so explain?
Yes, I think you can or at least that true deep love. If a situation or hardship destroys what u have and you loved them but maybe they didn't love u as much you may realize that your love level has lowered and therefore, fell out of love. (Cheating, abuse, bad situation can create mental and emotional damage)

10. Does size really matter or is stroke important?
I think too big or too small is hard to please but working what you got and pleasing other ways can always help a "smaller" problem lol.

11. How often must you have sex?
I personally couldn't do it every day all day it’s going to get boring, but if I'm in a relationship I am only human....

12. Would you date a guy that is considered ugly or unattractive?
Yes, I was told in the past I had some umm "lookers". I really go off of personality, respect, drive and his sense of style. If he treats me good, is respectful and fun to be around I can let other things slide.

13. Are you willing to sacrifice other things to excel in a relationship?
Of course, if I love my man and he loves me I’m more than willing try to do what I can to keep it a happy home, but I expect for him to do the same as I do for him!!

14. Do you worry about whether a man is a good man and whether or not he will stay that way? I feel like guys are simple, they are who they are and if they seem crazy they are and if they truly are a good man they shouldn't change. If he's putting on a front then he never really was a good man. You have to learn a lot about someone before you can truly tell though.

15. Do you think that it is ok for your boyfriend to continue to talk to his "exs"?
I put it like this, distance and understanding is a must. If my boyfriend’s ex is cool, is ok being just a friend, knows her boundaries and my boyfriend and I have a mutual understanding of what kind of interactions are fine then yea I’m cool…but I do need to at least meet her once...its the girls I’m worried about!!!

16. Are you friends more with the same sex or the opposite sex?
I am a friend with about equal amount. I got a small circle of girl friends I’m really cool with but probably have more guys that I’m a friend with. I don’t really trust many people you got to earn your trust with me...honesty is the key to our friendship and sometimes guys are the ones who are more honest in a friendship!

17. What do you think are the guidelines for a successful relationship?
I think as long as both can; understand, make compromises, uphold respect for one another a relationship can work. There will always be different views but that is why two people need to follow at least those three things and compliment each other.

18. Do you think that your astrological sign has anything to do with the success or failure of your relationships? Yes, and no, we are told that Leos are humble plus love to be loved and that fixation with that need may blind an individual if all they seek is to be loved. I know I fell for some jerks because they gave me the illusion they cared....good liars lol. Just need to learn from mistakes and move on!

19. Do you find it easier to have sex without emotional ties?
I think that works better for guys and prostitutes lol (no disrespect) but girls naturally get attached even if they say they don't. Women instinctively, were created to be loved and cared when you give a man the "forbidden fruit" they give them an emotional tie and therefore slip into an emotional attachment.

20. Has dating gotten easier as you've gotten older?
No, the older you get the more people are set in their ways, you’ve developed more insecurities, most men have developed into better liars or actually believe their lies, there’s more responsibilities which make concentrating on a relationship harder, it all makes you jaded to dating. I think you have to know what you want and need before you realize how and whom you can date and where it will really go!

I think people have been raised with younger and younger parents who because they are too busy trying to live “their” lives instead of living for their children which parents should do, kids have grown up without having a core set of values instilled in them over time. There is more diversity and change in this world today and without understanding each other’s difference, it can blind, create leniency or the reverse. I hope to help children in the future to learn how prioritize and be productive citizens of society and teach them how to be self starters and do what is truly most important for them to be successful financially and spiritually. I believe any individual deserves the opportunity to beat the odds and have access to opportunities to better themselves if that is what they would like to do. I believe that I can call my life work a success when I can say I tried to be an influence. Unfortunately, success is self-driven so to develop self determination is a basic trait kids should learn!!!

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