Friday, July 23, 2010


Name:Natalie Dreame
Location:San Bernardino,Ca
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Relationship Status:Engaged

Measurements:38c 26 36
Photographer:Dz productions

1. How did your dad find out you weren't a virgin anymore?
My dad still doesn't know about that kind of stuff.Fathers are a little different about that subject. They want to believe their daughter is still a virgin. He is an "don't ask, don't tell" kind of guy.

2. If your boyfriend asked you how many people you have been with would you tell him?
I would remind him that whatever I did in the past before him is not any of his business. I think too much talk about our past escapades only brings

baggage to the new relationship we have. Besides , you also don't know how
they are going to react. You are basically screwed if you don't answer the
question right. You can say only 1 or 2 and they will be like what?? is she
a prude? you can say 10-20 and they will think you are a whore. The question
is not to be answered lol

3. What's one question that you wouldn't answer?
I don't like to talk about My past relationships since I don't see that as a big deal to bring up in a conversation. Plus, I don't want to say anything bad about the guys I have dated. I learned from it and moved on. I don't need to speak about that subject anymore unless I need to present a point , or lend advice .

4. Do you believe in not having sex before marriage?
It all depends on that person's belief.If they believe they are not ready for sex, that is up to them. In my opinion, they should first think it through .And if they want to, and are old enough to do so-they should go ahead and do it.

5. Do you think women demand too much in relationships?
Some women might though there are guys out there who do the same thing. You can't demand anything from a relationship , it is pushing them in to doing what they probably don't want to do. It is good to communicate with your partner and let them know what you don't like. And what you both can do to work on it.

6. Do you think it is okay for a woman to hit a man?
The only way a person should hit anyone is in self-defense. I don't think it is right for anyone to put their hands on another person. We must remember also to control our temper and walk away from a bad situation. To remember the end result of hitting a person.

7. Could you be with someone who takes care of you financially but not sexually?
I doubt it. That would make me feel like I am using them for their money. When I am with someone, I am with them because I love everything about them. I don't want to think about dating someone who I don't find sexy! my man has to be very sexy, so I can take him around and show him off :)

8. How much does sex play a part in sustaining a relationship?
Sex is an important role in my relationship.I find my man sexy and I want to

be with them and make him happy.And if , the sex does ever get boring I will
find new ways to spice things up.

9. Is there such thing as falling out of love and if so explain.
If you can fall out of love, that is not love at all. I believe love lasts
forever once you find that special person.You were in love once, the reason
you had to move on was because that person hurt you and left you. You might
have been in love , yet that person was not in love with you.So, you had no
choice but to stop loving them so you can move on with your life. Falling
out of love can mean so many different things.I believe love never ends, or
never fails you. Just be sure it is love and don't wait for someone to love

10. Does size really matter or is stroke important?
As long as you can feel it, I don't mind. I actually don't like it large in size!! lol we all know why right?? if it is too big, the woman's part can stretch and look odd. I seen that in some of xxx movies I watched . .. I didn't find it very attractive.

11. How often must you have sex?
Believe it or not,I don't need it every day. I do need sex at least twice a week or I will go nuts lol Once you know what sex is like, it is like a must!! you have to have it or you get kind of moody. And I hate toys , so I must have my man around to pleasure me.

12. Would you date a guy that is considered ugly or unattractive?
No way!! looks are very important to me . I have to be very attracted to the guy I be with. If by any chance I ever did date someone ugly, it would not last. Eventually, I would end up breaking it off with them. I want to be happy/satisfied with the person I am with.

13. Are you willing to sacrifice other things to excel in a relationship?
It all depends on what has to be sacrificed in the relationship.If it is going to help better things between us or our financial/family situation ,I will do it. By any reason it is something that is not a big deal to me but it is to him.,I will talk with him about it. I will try to see from his perspective.

14. Do you worry about whether a man is a good man and wether or not he will stay that way? It crosses my mind even if I try not to listen. It has happened to me before a couple of times. I believe the guy is not comfortable enough to show his true colors. Once they get comfortable, it is like Dr. Jeykyll and Mr. Hyde.

If a person can change, they were never really like that to begin with. A
person's personality should never change .

15. Do you think that it is ok for your boyfriend to continue to talk to his "ex's" ?

If he is still really good friends with only one of them to see how they are doing from time to time. I don't want to see him on the phone with her constantly though, or trying to hang out with her. There are reasons an ex tries to come back in the picture , I am not to fond of that reason.

16. Are you friends more with the same sex or the opposite sex?
I get along better with guys though they do end up liking you lol. So I have few guy friends ,but I have known for a very long time. I have one best riend who is a girl because I know I can trust her. It takes a lot to gain my trust, I am not going to be buddy-buddy with you right away. Trust is earned.The few friends I have, earned their way into my life

17. What do you think are the guidelines for a successful relationship?
Communication is the key to a successful relationship. Don't hold back on

telling your partner how you feel. Holding back can end up being a disaster
since your feelings can get blurted out the wrong way. Have hope faith in
your partner. Believe in them and that everything will be okay. Things will
come together on its own.Remember why you fell in love with them! enjoy them
as much as you can by not being angry or arguing. Be grateful and don't
forget to let them know how special they are to you. Last, have fun
together! go out dancing and explore your relationship, try new things even
if you might not like them. You are giving to the relationship and making
them happy.Learn to be choosy and not settle for anyone who comes your way.

18. Do you think that your astrological sign has anything to do with the success or failure of your relationships? Although some of the things they say might be true, I want to live my life and not let it live me. I don't want to spend time thinking my sign has something to do with everything. My sign said "my perfect mate" was an Aquarius ? I laughed since I have had dated a couple of them, and I will never do that again lol

19. Do you find it easier to have sex without emotional ties?
I think eventually you are going to end up gaining feelings for the person you are sleeping with. Most women confuse lust for love. As much as you say you are not going to end up liking them, you end up doing the opposite. This is because you want that person to like you, plus you can't understand why they don't feel the same way.What ends up happening, is they do find someone else. So my advice is sleep with them and walk away. Don't continue to be with someone who is not going to offer you anything- You are just being used. Make what is between your legs hard to get, you will get more respect.

20. Has dating gotten easier as you've gotten older?

It is way better. Back then, I did not know what the heck I was doing.I learned from each relationship I had though.I am more mature now that I am grown up.Issues don't bother me as much as they use to. I communicate better
with my man . I think because you have to learn to enjoy being by yourself
first before you can date. You might get too depending on your partner for
your happiness.

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