Saturday, July 17, 2010


Name: Andy Nguyen
Location:Myrtle Beach, SC
Sexual Orientation:69
Relationship Status:single
Measurements:34, 26 28
ModelMayhem:Andy Nguyen
Booking Info:843-222-1203
Photographer: Depends

1. How did your dad find out you weren't a virgin anymore? When my son, Sabastian was born.

2. If your boyfriend asked you how many people you have been with would you tell him? NO

3. What's one question that you wouldn't answer? the one above.

4. Do you believe in not having sex before marriage? It's certainly not for everybody but it's still cool to see the old fashion ways.

5. Do you think women demand too much in relationships?yes

6. Do you think it is okay for a woman to hit a man?Hit on a man but not physically hit

7. Could you be with someone who takes care of you financially but not sexually? yes, if he can please me orally.

8. How much does sex play a part in sustaining a relationship? 50%

9. Is there such thing as falling out of love and if so explain. I think it's more if you are not focused into the relationship or how serious it is...

10. Does size really matter or is stroke important? size matters...width wise...

11. How often must you have sex? every nite with my boyfriend, if we skip a nite, I get so tight, we double it up.

12. Would you date a guy that is considered ugly or unattractive? I would go ON a date with him,but NOT while I have a boyfriend...

13. Are you willing to sacrifice other things to excel in a relationship? Yes

14. Do you worry about whether a man is a good man and wether or not he will stay that way? I don't worry anymore. ;)

15. Do you think that it is ok for your boyfriend to continue to talk to his "exs".. Yes

16. Are you friends more with the same sex or the opposite sex? about 50-50

17. What do you think are the guidelines for a successful relationship? TRUST,sense of humor, attraction,and communication.

18. Do you think that your astrological sign has anything to do with the success or failure of your relationships? I hope not...LOL

19. Do you find it easier to have sex without emotional ties? I love it better with feelings involved.

20. Has dating gotten easier as you've gotten older? yes

Every minute or second of the day, I think of either fighting,modeling,food and/or sex.... I'm very active. I workout everyday. I'm a licensed amateur MMA cagefighter, believe it or not...;) I also work in a salon.....2 different professions but I absolut!ely love it! My favorite thing to do is chill-out after training hard at nite, sit on the couch,watch Family Guy or Golden go to the bedroom AND RIDE MY MAN TIL I FALL ASLEEP. ;)

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