Friday, December 3, 2010


Name: Carmireli
Origan: Puerto Rico
Location: NY
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Relationship Status: Taken
Measurements:34b 24 38
Booking Info:
Photographer: LP

1. What's the best part about being beautiful?
best part of that you have a confidence about yourself.. you stand out.

2. What advice would you give a man that may be intimidated by your beauty?
get to know my personality and you won't be intimidated :D

3. After a break up would you date one of your ex's friends for revenge?
neverrr!!! that's not a thing that a mature women with respect would do period lol

4. Do you think the majority of women settle for less?
they do! i keep my standards high! women need to think like that! we deserve the best:D

5. Do you think African American Women are the hardest women to date?

I don't think so! it's not about race it's about how the men treats the women n keeps her happy and satisfied .

6. What's the best part about being in a relationship with you?

I'm out going and love to go out! I also love to cuddle etc! I'm an overall great loving and caring person.

7. Do you think it's ok to have sex if not in a committed relationship?

I don't think so it doesn't look right for us women.. doesn't give us a good image.

8. In a perdicament would you listen to your gut or listen to your friends?

my guts! 95% of the time yours guts are always right! follow it!

9. Are you ok with people knowing that you are in a relationship?

of course!! I'm taken! and I'm happy.. whats wrong with everyone knowing it!?

10. Would you ever consider dating a convicted felon?

to be honest... if the person ever was and changed it could happen...

11. Do you believe there is a timeframe on love?

nope! if it's true love it will stay if it's not it will leave as fast as it came.

12. Why do you think some women use men for money?

yes I do as well as some men depend on women to pay their needs etc..

13. Why do you think some men use women for sex?

players! if you are a player thats what you do.

14. Do you think there is a mentality difference between a woman that has had a father figure and a woman that has not?

no.. a strong intelligent women knows the right from wrong alone or with a dad figure..

15. Do you think that African American men have an issue with displaying love? If so, if not explain why.

again it's not about race it's about how they were raised on treating women.

16. Would you ever consider dating a Caucasian man?

if the person treats me good and makes me happy it's doesnt matter what race you are.

17. Describe your first time.

beautiful,,romantic.. sexy and on valentine's day lol

18. Define SEXY.

smart, bold, strong,and independent:D

19. How would you romance a man?

just being me!:D

20. On a scale of 1-10 what's ur confidence level?

I'm a 8! we all have confidence and women!

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