Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Name:Ashley Ranay
Origan:african american
Sexual Orientation:straight
Relationship Status:single
Photographer: VXN Studios

1. Who do you think has it better in the industry? Models or Photographers? I believe photographers have it better in the industry because their are plenty of models who are willing to pay for great pictures. But models have to put out so much money before they are paid to do photoshoots.

2. Has any photographer made a pass at you?
No all of the photographers I have worked with have been very professional.

3. Who do you think should get paid for photoshoots models or photographers? I believe both parties should get paid.

4. How far is too far when it comes to eye candy modeling? I believe you shouldnt show all of your goodies. Teasing is fine. Keep people wondering.

5. Do you think that eye candy modeling can lead to a model entering the porn industry? If the model is easily persuaded then yes. It just depends on the model.

6. Where do you think eye candy modeling will take you? I believe eye candy modeling will get you into well known magazines and videos which is pretty good.

7. Are females harder on you because of modeling? Yes because most females have that jealousy trait in them and when they see you going places in this industry that trait comes out.

8. What is the one characteristic you find in a man that makes him attractive? A man who is a boss. I am the type of woman who will walk over you if you let me. So a man that can put me in my place is very attractive to me.

9. When you visualize the perfect relationship what do you see? The perfect relationship is where two people trust one another and can have fun with each other and be themselves.

10. What type of relationship did you have with your father growing up? My relationship with my father was ok. I was closer to my mother because of the way he treated her at times.

11. Does your relationship with your father effect the current relationships you have with men? I do believe it has affected my relationships because now I prefer to stay single and not deal with the drama my mother went through with my father.

12. Do you believe that love involves following your heart or following your head?
I believe you should follow your head because sometimes your heart may not tell you what the smart decision is.

13. Do you feel as if you get along with others well, or do you feel as if most people don't understand you? I feel I do get along well with others once they get to know me.I am a shy person and people who dont know me think I am mean because I dont speak to them or make eye contact.

14. Do you currently have any type of financial goals for your future?
Give an example.I plan on finishing school and becoming a physical therapist which will support me financially

15. Do you suffer from a habit that you consider 'bad'? A bad habit I have is not making eye contact with people.

16. How would you describe intimacy? When to people are emotionally or sexually connected

17. If you were offered five million dollars in exchange for leaving everyone and everything behind would you do it? No because I believe money doesnt by you happiness. Why have all of that money and be alone.

18. Throughout your life, what experiences do you feel contributed most to the person that you have become today? I believe the way some men have mistreated me has made me into a stronger and independent woman.

19. If you were the publisher of BlockDymez Magazine name one model that you'd feature. Myself of course lol

20. What do you think is the reason the divorce rate is so high?
Because some people get married for the wrong reasons and there are alot of other people who are flaw and dont care if they have an affair.

I am a full time student and part time model. I have only been modeling for a short amoutn of time. In that time I have found myself in videos with rap artist plies and many local artists. I have been featured in sevreal websites and have done many different photoshoots. I am looking to work with different photographers who are willing to help me become more established in the modeling industry. I am looking to do hosting, video, and print work.


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