Monday, November 22, 2010


Name: Tara Marie aka NBA_VIXEN
Age: 25
Origan: Black
Location: Atlanta, GA
Zodiac: Virgo
Sexual Orientation: I Love Men!
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Measurements: 38DD-29-46 *all natural & authentic*
Booking Info:
Photographer: Anthony Thomas

1. How would you describe the BEST "first impression"?

***First Impression is important! The best "first impression" would have to be one that will leave me remembering his/her name in a respectful way. Why I say that is because I'm not good at remembering names just faces so if I remember your name then you have made a good impression on me!***

2. People tend to think that models are easy in bed & not so bright. Do you
run into a lot of models like that?

***All I have to say is don't judge a book by its cover! Just because we take sexy pictures doesn't mean we are easy or dumb in any kind of way. Everyone has their own hustle and to hustle takes being smart & intelligent while keeping it classy!;)***

3. What do you think other models say about you?

***I'm just a woman with a good heart & personality who likes to have a good time & love it when the people around me is doing the same but if you're all about that negativity then to be honest I really don't care what you have to say or think about me because I do me and my opinion is the only one that counts!;)***

4. Do you think that physical attributes are more important than friendship
when it comes to maintaining a successful relationship?

***A friendship is more important definitely. I love a man with a sense of humor because it makes up for what is lacking!!***

5. Do you think it's ok for a man to keep noticing another woman after he
is in a committed relationship?

****I have no problem him noticing another woman it's natural....I do it myself. Just as long as he don't take it to another level that is disrespectful to me. That is when the trust comes in a relationship.***

6. What is the first thing that you notice when you look at a man?

***His smile & the way he carries himself!!!! A nice smile gets me every time :)***

7. If a man doesn't say so, how do you know he wants to make love?

***A man always makes it know by his actions....they are so obvious***

8. If your friend was cheating on her man, do you think you should tell her

***Oh No! That's not my place! That whole situation is between her & her man! I'm allergy to drama! lol***

9. If your friend was cheating on her, would you tell your man about it?

***I'm staying out of it....drama!***

10. How would you feel if you made more money than your man?

***I wouldn't feel no him on the other hand hopefully he won't feel no difference either.***

11. Could you date a "rich man" you never see?

***Oh noooo! I love to see my man at the end of the day! Just to be able to talk about our day to one another ~quality time~ & cuddle up until we fall asleep at night....other words I like attention & affection everyday.***

12. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

***Some days I would like to be 4 because of the no worries in the world attitude & on other days 21 when I want to act like a grown up.***

13. Which is worse, failing or never trying?

***I would have to say never trying! I believe no one should have that "want if" or "I wish" regrets. Yes if you try you're going to fail here and there but want doesn't kill you will make you stronger to move on to the next; with all the trying you will succeed!!!!***

14. If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you

***I would have to say dancing & modeling....I love them both! They are both a way of expressing myself.***

15. You’re having lunch with three people you respect and admire. They all
start criticizing a close friend of yours, not knowing she is your friend.
The criticism is distasteful and unjustified. What do you do?

***Whoa I would have to speak up on her behalf....just letting them know it isn't right. I would tell them she's a friend of mine & I would feel more comfortable if they would not talk about her because she isn't here to defend herself. I would also tell them if they have any problems with her to go and talk to her about their issues so they can get the problem(s) resolve.***

16. What’s something you know you do differently than most people?

***Well I do have to admit I do eat food combos that most people would look at me like I'm crazy or think I'm pregnant....for example cup of noodles, crunched up Doritos, shredded cheddar cheese with hot I know!***

17. Would you rather have less work to do, or more work you actually enjoy

***If I enjoy the work then I would love more work....I get bored easily!***

18. What advice would you give other females about them being so hard on
each other?

***I would say ladies we need to stop being hard on one another and help one another out. We need to learn to be strong enough to be able to lean and trust one another to have each others back to make each one of us successful because there is plenty of room for all of us. Plus if we don't help out one another then who will....the men?!? Please stop the hating ladies....thank you:)***

19. Do you feel like you’ve lived this day a hundred times before?

***Nope! Each day is lived differently & to the fullest!!!***

20. What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

***Oh man I would definitely take it back to when I was a kid with no worries in the world the good old days as we say....I would lay around in my Wonder Woman PJs and watch all the kids & teens shows on tv while eating all the junk food all day it was a Saturday morning after Halloween!!!!***

****I just want to give thanks to BlockDymez Magazine for taking time to interview me....hope y'all enjoyed it!!!! Thanks to all my supporters. It's just the beginning for me just keep your eyes open!:) I can feel 2010 is the beginning but 2011 will be the year I will get to spread my wings & fly. I would like for everyone to follow me on the journey!! Request me to your favorite sites and publications. Thank y'all again! xoxo****

~*Tara Marie aka NBA_VIXEN*~

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