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Name: BrandiVonne
Age: 21
Origin: Black,french canadian,hawaiian
Location: Dallas,TX
Zodiac: Capricorn
Sexual Orientation: straight
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Measurements: 36B-24-26
MySpace: brandi_landd
Facebook: /brandi.vonne
Booking Info:
Photographer: D Brown

Please write a paragraph introducing yourself. Be sure to mention your future projects as well as things that you are proud of professionally. Explain your best & worst experience within the modeling industry. If you'd like to name names please do. Anything that you'd like to add that you think would make your interview interest please do.

I am BrandiVonne. Aspiring Model out of Dallas, TX. I like to call myself a quad-threat!! iMODEL,iSING,iDANCE,iACT. I have been modeling since I was 6 yrs old. I took a break from it for awhile to work on my dancing and recently hopped back into it about 3 years ago. I have been featured in several music videos, websites, and magazines. I live for modeling. I feel like with every photo I take I create a story which I feel like some other models aren't able to do. As far as future plans.. I plan to continue to keep doing more videos and Magazine features as well as working on my Girl duo "Lady Jane". I have had alot of really good experiences since I've hopped back into modeling and I've taught myself alot and grew as a person as well as a model. I tell myself to not let people intimidate me and have tough skin. In this industry people are always going to judge you.. Just stay true to myself and dont do anything that would compromise my integrity. I AM BRANDIVONNE. Miss Glamorous Gangsta..STAR STUDDED Stupid swagg... FASHION guru;) im just me. "Everybody's always trying to be better than the next person.. and i'm satisfied with being plain old me".... -BV

1. How has modeling help your confidence?
I would say that from my modeling experience I have definitely gained confidence. I feel that I am able to walk into a room and feel confident in any situation. casting call, video shoot, whatever... I dont let other people intimidate me. Which came from getting this confidence boost;)

2. Would you want to be known for your beauty or for what you've accomplished?
Definitely what I have accomplished. There's thousands of beautiful girls. But It would be even better to be beautiful and able to list all of my accomplishments, which alot of people aren't able to say they've done. Especially at my age

3. How hard was it to break into modeling?
Not hard at all. I'm a huge net working person. So i Started by meeting lots of people.. hearing about events or video shoots or models needed for certain events and I went for it!

4. Describe a night alone with you.
A night alone would be very mellow. I just love to chill. I'm not the type of girl that has to be out to have fun. I enjoy being in the house just watching movies and cuddling.

5. If you could be alone with any male actor who would it be?
OH wow.. definitely Michael Easly!!! YIKES!! that man is gorgeous!!

6. Tell us something odd about yourself.
I'm an odd person overall.. lol. I guess my fashion i outta this world.. i absolutely love fashion.. i wouldn't call it odd.. but im obessed with fashion!

7. After seeing your pictures do men expect you to be perfectly beautiful 24 hours a day? I honestly feel that most men find their women the most beautiful when they're not all dolled up.. which is how i am most of the time anyway.. So When men see and still look at me as beautiful that's wonderful feeling.

8. Do you think you are in the wrong profession?
No. I am absolutely where i feel like i need to be. I live for what I do. Modeling creates another personality for me.. Something like creating an alter ego.

9. Do you follow your destiny or do you stick with what's safe & secure?
No i am absolutel daring and not afraid to push above my limits or step out of my comfort zone.
10. What does it take to be in a long term relationship with you?
TRUST! And i am all about the relationship being a friendship. I have to be like "best friends" with who i am in a relationship.

11. As a model do you expect to soon start dating a rapper or athlete?
No i've been down that path... and honestly it's not what it's cracked up to be..

12. Would you consider yourself materialistic? HONESTLY i really am looking for labels. Call it materialistic.. call it whatever but I live for fashion!! I love designers and have expensive taste!

13. Could you date a guy who looked in the mirror more than you?
NO!!! I'm not into cocky guys at all!!! That mirror aint big enough for the both of us!!!

14. What's the best part of waking up?
Best part of wking up is realizing that God didn't HAVE to wake you up. but he did.. it's such a blessing to wake up in perfectly good health and know that somebody didn't wake up.. gives me chills

15. Where do you expect for modeling to take you?
Open bigger doors and more opportunities. I am also an artist. So by me modeling i meet alot of people.. artists.. directors.. EVERYTHING! I have so many other big plans i want to accomplish in life and modeling is just a stepping stone!! I want to act as well and modeling opens doors for that as well.

16. How does your father feel about you modeling?
My daddy is soooo supportive of my modeling! He tells everyone about my magazine's and projects!! He's my number one fan!

17. What's the most positive thing you can say about what you've experienced since you've started.
I've gotten my confidence back and I see my true inner and OUTER beauty.

18. Pick your poison. Chocolate, Wine, Cigarettes, Vodka, Sex or Love. (Choose One)
LOVE!!! Its a drug.. i would like a little of everything though except cigarettes! GROSS!
19. What's the best & worst parts about being in a relationship?
Best parts.. Having someone there for you as a supporter,friend, and companion to do things with.. just constant comfort.. The feeling of being loved unconditionally is an amazing feeling in a relationship.
and i feel like if im happy.. which i very much am there is NO WORST PART!

20. In 3 words describe your character.
Spontaneous, goofy, fabulous!!! ;)

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